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Macbooks: Delicious to the Core

MacBook laptops manufacturer Apple Inc. has a renowned legacy in the computer industry since the creation of the fist Macintontosh by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976. Until 2001 when they released the iPod, to great contemporary success, they were predominantly known for their production of personal computers and PC's. Now their performance and unimiitable design is world reknowned for all kinds of consumer personal electronics, such as the iPhone and iPad, but the glory of their laptop manufacturing remains as strong as ever. Apple utilizes every bit of innovative computer technology to ensure you enjoy the modern computer, tablet and phone experience. The brand's identity as a status status symbol depends entirely on its legacy of being a forerunner in stylish, original and, most of all, advanced tech. They are established leaders in their field. Here with us you can compare up-to-date prices for the latest Macbooks in the market. This is the site where the finest manufacturers, dealers and buyers meet.

Apple laptops are considered the world's most advanced laptops that are built with incredible technology: all flash architecture for the slimmest build ever; unbeatably vivid Retina display with its exceedingly high pixel density for high resolution images; and the latest Intel processors for a smooth and powerful performance. The MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air line are the two leading laptop series from Apple, but which to choose? Both have attractive aluminium sleek unibody casing and share compelling features such as built-in iSight camera for video chatting while on the go, iLife 11, the latest OS X Yosemite, and dual-display support. The trackpad was the first to utilize Multi-Touch - an innovative new way to control your laptop, supporting a full set a features and making the interactive experience with your notebook more harmonious and natural. Read on to discover which notebook would suit your budget and lifestyle the best.

Macbook Air: Phenomenally Light

MacBook Air series is the most popular in the family of ultraportable Macintosh notebook computers: it redefined the meaning of portable laptops. This fantastic piece of machinery is designed to balance both performance and portability. However, there is a range of model choices with different specifications and features. Currently there are two basic sizes offered for this line; 11 inch and 13 inch. Both come with dual core Intel Core i7 processors and 1.4GHz or 1.7GHz clock speed. As the name "Air" suggests, these are incredibly light computers. The smallest measures between 0.11 to 0.68 inches thin and weighs a meagre 2.38 pounds. The “heavier” version is the same thinness thanks to its discrete, unibody design and weighs only 2.96 pounds. Both have a choice between 4 or 8 GB memory and up to 512GB slash storage via SSD card. They both operate on HD Graphics 5000. The difference between them is solely their 2 inch size difference, and for that you pay one hundred dollars more: so make sure you consider how important size is for your lifestyle.

The Pro series: Serious Business

MacBook Pro's are larger and heavier, but the screens, processors and hard drive capacity all reflect this by being more powerful and extensive. They come three versions, a 13-inch display with or without Retina display and the significantly more expensive 15 inch screen with Retina display. Why pay more for Retina? No more pixellated images for a hyperreal viewing experience as well as a large reduction of glare and more intense contrasts for vivid colour. However, the 15 inch version isn’t just larger and with high pixel resolution, for the extra money your personal powerhouse of a laptop also gets a quad-core processor, as opposed to the 13 “ dual core, making it a significantly superior device, comparable to the mighty Lenovo ThinkPad series. This type will be particularly useful for those who work in the creative industries. Alongisde their quad core interiors taking multi-tasking to it's utmost level, the high resolution display and superb graphics card means that using Photoshop and similar programmes is an enjoyable, smooth process.

If anything goes wrong, the strong level of tech support also means you can be quickly and easily helped by the techies at the Genius bar, or via their live online tech support chat and phone service. With so many people choosing these devices for the most important aspects of their lives - work, study and research - Apple knows that people can't afford their laptops to break at inconvenient times. This high level of customer service is what has kept people invested in the brand. The only drawback is with all good things, the price tag reflects the quality. Apple are renowned for being a premium brand, so this shouldn't come as a surprise. The benefits to your working and private life however should compensate this.

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