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Apple Tablets Have Been Impressing From the Very Beginning


You may think you know Apple tablets’ sleek, stylish, metal unibody design, but one thing you probably didn’t know is that they were producing tablets as early as 1993! The very first to be released was the Newton MessagePad 2000 and was technically a Personal Digital Assistant or a PDA. It was a simple black and white screen operated with a dongle. The Newton software used on the device included handwriting recognition which was so capable it was compared to another Samsung PDA and an iPhone and still came up better! It even feature on the Simpsons! Apple then held off on tablet production until 2010 when they released the first generation iPad on March 10th. This is the familiar version that we have come to know and love over the last 5 years.

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The iPad - Educating a Generation of Users

Apple tablets have allowed people to bridge the gap between their phone and their computers which means that more work can be done on the go and less time in the office or working at home. It has opened up endless possibilities for users both for work life, family life and social life. There are millions of apps available through the iTunes store and even more being released each day. These days however they are no longer just for the busy working adult, they are now designed more than ever for the little users. Tablets are now being used in schools and universities around the world with technology and software being created to specifically optimize tablet capabilities. The younger students are using apps to discover the stars and far off lands of a time gone by. The older students no longer need textbooks and can wirelessly connect to devices in lecture theatres to share ideas and presentations with ease. Apple realise that more people, teachers and students alike, are using iPads more now for education, that they have introduced the ConnectED program in the United States. The program sees funding of 114 schools in 29 different states allowing all children the enhanced learning possibilities that comes from the iPad.


The Best Tablet Now Even Better

Since the first release in 2010 there have been 6 versions of the iPad with the most recent successor being the iPad Air 2, released in October 2014. Similar to the iPhone, the general design principles of the iPad has remained unchanged. The same unibody that make Apple products including iPods, Macbook laptops and iMac desktops so unique has been brought to the iPad. The most recent version, as expected, is the best yet. It still has the original 9.7 inch screen but now includes the famous Retina display and a whopping 264 ppi making viewing clearer than ever. They have also added anti-reflective coating, making use even more versatile. The camera is 8MP (same as the iPhone 6) and features a 1080p HD still and video camera meaning that its not just your smartphone which can capture the perfect moment. There is also a 1.2mp front facing camera so Facetime and Skype is even better. With the larger screen and tablet optimized apps it is the perfect device for viewing and editing your photos and videos. Luckily for you the inside as beautiful as the outside. They have squeezed an Apple A8X processing chip and 64 bit architecture meaning that this compact device can work just as well as your computer. This combination means that graphics are faster and battery life is longer allowing you to play, create and work for longer.

The iPads Stylish Little Sister

The company also introduced the little sister of the original tablet, the iPad Mini which has since seen 2 new releases with the last being the iPad Mini 3. This smaller version has meant that it is even more portable and bridges the gap between smartphones and tablets. The screen, although smaller at 7.9 inches, incredibly still has the same 2048 x 1536p resolution as its big brother, which along with the Retina display gives it an even clearer image. It weighs just 330g and with the specially designed smart covers you can feel safe about throwing it in your bag to take with you every day without being weighed down. The camera is a little less impressive than its competitors like the Samsung tablets and Asus tablets but with the new editing software in iOS 8 this becomes irrelevant. Another feature which has been introduced (along with the very classy gold version) all new Apple portable devices is the amazing Touch ID, which not only makes your phone (and thus files and photos) more secure than ever but also allows for easy secure one touch payments through the Apple Pay. Many people complain about storage capacity when it comes to these devices as they don’t have the ability to expand the memory like its competitors however as usual Apple heard these complaints and increased the memory to up to 128mb. Now the tablets are available in 16, 32, 64 and 128mb allowing for more options for all levels of users.

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