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Apple iPod: The heart of music in your hands


Music has never been so beautiful! Not long time ago the white earphones noticed on people in metro, on the streets and everywhere were the sign of the only one - this person is a lucky owner of Apple beautiful device. The product that truly has changed the world along with brought to the company the title of the most advanced, desirable and ruch brand in the world.

iPod Nano

Today, thinking about portable music you first name iPod and talking about the music database - Apple store. The first and the only one full synchronization of the mp3 player and the resources has revolutionized music industry. And now, with this iconic device of any kind your life will no longer be the same.


The Beat Goes On. With every new generation


Pushing the technologies forward, Apple does not give a chance to catch the breath. Introduced the revolutionary iPod (now called Classic) in 2001, the company gradually build the pace of improvements up. Thus in 2007 we got the great Touch model that was as beautiful and featured as the iPhone, while the Classic became the most capacious Apple mp3 player with its 160GB or 40.000 songs.


Shuffle, Nano, Classic or Touch: What is your style?


One of the main advantages of Apple is that company really cares about their customers. And they do this via products. Thus regardless you habits and music tastes, style and budget, iPod series has something to offer for you.

iPod Shuffle

The finest, colorful and clip-and-go Shuffle is a tool for you to be with the music every moment of your life. This mp3 player is stylish and portable, capable to serve you with the 15 hours of non-stop melodies i.e. make your day. The Nano one is equipped with the 2.5-inch multi-touch display that gives you quick access to the gallery, video and, of course, music (16GB and 30 hours). But if you search for the real storage of all your melomane collection, the Classic might be the best option. Having memory of 160GB, it allow you to be lost in the sound for up to 36 hours. Have you ever tried this? You definitely should. And, finally, the cousin of iPhone, and amazing iPod Touch will rock your world with the full features of Apple. With the memory up to 64GB, display for your choice, and opportunities of apps and internet, the device for sure have all chances to become the favourite one.


Apple Store: One source, one love


Did we mention that all Apple products whatever they are, tablets, laptops or iPods, perform the “gold mean” in design? Well, everybody knows, it is so. But along with the visual perfection, these device are easy to use and have intuitive interface.


Talking about the music base, the company invented the greatest storage of music ever - Apple Store. To get the song you need is as easy as to run your favourite app. Just go to the store from your computer and find artist, podcast and more you need. Thanks to easy synchronization between iTunes and your device, all your purchases will be transferred in a moment. There is no more need in other sources because everything that was ever made in the world of music is available at one place.

iPod Nano

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