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ASUS Laptops, Pursuit of Excellence


Strong, pure and adventurous: that is how ASUS wants to define its brand character and personality. An ideal image that permeates its core values of a relentless search for improvement, to remain at the top of its category, both in sales charts and in customer satisfaction. The 5th PC vendor by total sales in 2013, the giant electronic products manufacturer from Taipei is still willing to show to its competitors how a great device is created. It’s with this objective in mind that the ASUS laptops presented here were designed by breaking the boundaries of beauty, responsiveness and endurance to offer truly unique wonders to you. The same characteristics and features of endurance are shared with the range of ASUS tablets as well.


Ultra-thin, Overpowering


As laptops keep becoming thinner, lighter and more resiliant, the power and quality on the inside reaches out to an almost instantaneous speed and graphic details that nearly reproduce real life at its fullest. The ultrabooks from the Vivobook series embody this idea of enticing performance at extremely reduced size. The innovative technology inside the featherweight frame, a result of the cutting-edge engineering of the Taipei company, will respond to your commands as quick as you can say WOW. Created for multimedia leisure, HD pictures and videos are portrayed with such a high level of definition, with such vibrant, crisp colors, that even reality will start looking a bit too dull. These series rival the ellegance of the Macbook line by Apple.


The Zenbook series brings the same principle of the Vivo brother to the next step. Fully immersive entertainment will take life in front of your eyes. Harmony, elegance and beauty take their true form in sleek, streamlined metallic chassis. Colours rich in charm and grace, garnishing QHD+ display with multitouch capability that will react seamlessly under your fingers. Films, TV and videos will be reborn under a new, fresh light: colors are recreated with absolute precision, details and contrast are as sharp as it was actually happening in front of your eyes, sound is better than real, thanks to the superior SonicMaster technology. A full cinema on your desk. Acer, the company's arch rival, is also taking a similar approach.


ROG: Rough Beasts for Rogue Players


Passionate hardcore gamers will have found their new home in a laptop from ASUS. Designed, developed and constructed by true video game fans like you, who know what you need and know how to get it. Increased RAM memory, enhanced fan ventilation, customizable overclocking settings and screen resolution over the top. The most demanding online multiplayer games need (and deserve) a machine that can do justice to players’ expectations: striking graphics, smooth play, lightning CPU speed rate, comfort even during enduring sessions, non-stopping full power supply. The almighty gaming laptops from ROG, the Republic of Gamers, are up to the challenge to prove you how they can overtake any other, even after hours and hours of continuous, heavy performance. The pick of winners.


One Laptop, Multiple Lives


Device versatility at its finest. The Transformer Book series splendidly succeeds in find the best solutions to combine in one sole item the characteristics of two or more devices, than can work together or independently, at your preference. From laptop to tablet and viceversa, in a simple click. Revolutionise the way you see, use and bring along your PC with an equipment that adapts to your life and not the opposite. Not enough? The computer producer adds even a smartphone to the equation, so that with a simple movement you can slide your phone, with apps and mobile connectivity, into a complete portable computer, or slip data from your notebook into your pocket with a quick gesture. Perfect for people always on the move.


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