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Monster Earphone and Headphone for the Music Lover


Beats by Dre – Monster’s range of headphones have been attracting plenty of interest from music listeners in the west. A headphone is now just as important for the ordinary gadget enthusiast as any other product, thanks to Monster. The success of the brand’s ‘Beats’ range lies is its outstanding design. The headbands maintain a consistently and undeniably stylish look.


Fantastic Features and Solid Construction of Monster Headphones


Monster headphones have a magnificent finish. Made mainly of soft-touch plastic and glossy black parts, they also feature a thick metal band running through its middle, offering flexibility and balance. The cushioning pads of the headphones are finished off with leather, offering a comfortable and soft feeling every time you put them on. The removable cable provides increased flexibility. You can upgrade now upgrade to longer cables with relative ease.


Effective Noise Isolation for Enhanced Listening Experience


The noise isolation through a Monster headphone or earphone is pretty good. The headphones have inch-thick pads that allow you to seal your ears from the outside world, making them commonly preferred over other headphones when traveling. Not only are Monster headphones perfect for canceling the noise outside, but they are also attractive and sure to attract some attention when you’re traveling by public transport. When you purchase the headphones, you will get two cables, a neoprene case to carry the product as well as a cloth to clean it. The excellent design and sound quality will surely deliver your money’s worth.


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