Beats Head Phones: Best prices in Singapore (25 Items found)

Beats Headphones: The Way Music is Meant to Sound


The headphones of Beats by Dr. Dre are the artists’ pick on what studio music is supposed to sound like. Founded in 2008 by the US rapper Dr. Dre and record producer Jimmy Iovine, they don’t just feature outstanding audio technology, delivering precise, clear sound quality to your ears, but also make music sound like actual artists do want it to. This now iconic line of headphones is produced with specific equalizing settings, developed following the suggestions of actual music professionals and renowned recording artists on what makes songs play at their full potential. It took long time and many selection processes to provide you only with the best audio experience possible. Bass is heavier, voice is clearer, frequencies are sharp and precise. Today, after a rapid, steep market growth and recent business acquisitions by hi-tech brands HTC and Apple, Beats Audio technology can be found in all kind of music electronics, from portable stereo speakers to smartphones, from laptops to car stereo systems. A real cult object, that true music fans will not be able to overlook.


The perfect Union between Art & Technology


In order to reach the trademark audio quality that made this American brand so famous all around the world, only the best of technology is used. The titanium coated sound driver ensures sound preservation on its way from the music player to your tympans. These comfortable, lightweight accessories are what it needs to provide clear high notes, ground-shaking bass and absolute fidelity in mid frequencies. They are manufactured with state-of-the-art skillfulness and reinforced structure for durability and flexibility that will dramatically increase the longevity of your favorite audio gadget, even when being used for prolonged time or following you in all kind of activities. Folding capability will make bringing them along in your backpack or luggage even easier.


Enjoy your Tunes Freely with Wireless Headphones


Annoyed by the hassle of cables while carrying out training or work, or maybe you just want to be able to move free around your room while listening to your favorite artists? Now you can easily enjoy a new “wire-free” life thanks to the convenience of Bluetooth connection. Simply pair your headphones with your music device, smartphone or laptop in seconds, and you can immediately sing and dance to the rhythm of your tunes, do heavy sports, cook, watch movies or just walk around in a radius of up to 10 meters. Feel like you are surrounded just by music, also thanks to noise cancellation features, that minimize external noise, and extremely comfortably fitting ear buds that you will almost forget having on. Skip tracks, turn the volume up and down or answer calls on your phone quickly and easy with the remote controls on the side, even if you are laying on the sofa or too busy to reach your pocket.


Small Earphones with Huge Sounds


If you prefer something less showy and flashy, the earphones models available will leave you amazed and fully satisfied. Even down-scaled to a smaller, less bulky form, Beats audio quality remains untouched. Depending on your needs and lifestyle, these little in-ear speakers will adapt to any situation with no trouble. Athletes and gym members will benefit greatly from using Powerbeats equipment: water-proof, sweat-resistant design that perfectly fits your ear. Trend-setters will instead prefer being seen around with a pair of Urbeats. Metallic finish and stylish looks will perfectly match your iPhone and your coolest outfit.


Buy them Online at the Best Price in Singapore


A brand that sets trends, Beats by Dr. Dre headphones are a no-brainer choice for fans and musicophiles. Specifically and personally tested by real music pros to get the best out of your music, with high manufacturing standards that can effortlessly face the undisputed sound quality of Bose or the distinctive style of Skullcandy, nothing can really win in comparison to them. Check out the current list of products available here at PricePanda Singapore, review the best deals and shops to pick your favorite and get the true audio experience on your ears right now.