Shoes: Best prices in Singapore

If the shoe more!

A wise woman (or tumblr) once said "One can never have enough pair of shoes". While some of you might disagree, being a member of the practical bunch, a lot of us girls (and stylish boys) definitely agrees with it. How can we get enough of it when there are so many styles from so many brands to choose from? And every season brings even more styles and colors. Sure, it may sound rather shallow but a good pair of shoes that also happens to be cute can brighten up almost anyone's day. Wearing a trendy footwear lets others notice us and sometimes even get compliments, a classic pair of Louboutins can get you approving and admiring look anywhere and a practical pair of flip-flops or work boots can get you through anything.

For Him or for Her

Men may say that they prefer comfort and utility over style but that doesn't meanmen's shoes should be boring. Guys can now run around in style with a wide selection of trainers, running shoes, and cross trainers from Nike, Adidas, asics, and New Balance. In need of a more casual and not so sporty form of comfort? Then sneakers is the way to go and with labels such as Converse and Vans delivering new and fresh styles all the time, there's no excuse to stick with one look, specially the grunge look, that look has not been in since the 90's. Though ruled by rubber soled ones, gentlemen's footwear need not be confined to this sort as work boots and a more traditional looking wing tips, leather loafers and dress shoes--though previously not known for being comfortable, have now evolved to be cozy, relaxing and painless.

Ladies needs no introduction to women's footwear nor do they need a reason to purchase a pair. The human female is genetically predisposed to lust after what they perceive to be a cute pair of shoes, be it ballerinas, flats, pumps, wedges, strappy sandals, boots (which may or may not be made for walking), high heels, trainers, sneakers, or even the latest pair of Havaianas endorsed by the hottest Brazilian supermodel. Ladies footwear tend to be more of a style statement that is why it requires quadruple the time to decide which ones to purchase, given that they have budgetary concern because if they don't, we are pretty sure that most girls would gladly splurge on shoes.

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