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Improve Your Laptop Experience with Accessories

Laptop accessories are becoming more and more important than ever before, as manufacturers are catching up on how much we love to accessorize portable gadgets like our smartphones and tablets. For laptops, we generally look forward to having additional protection for our beloved investment from bumps, drops and scratches. Others simply customize their computer with different cases as an expression of their sense of style and fashion. Beyond protective function, we also have accessories that improve our use of the device. From stands and tables which provide better viewing angle and ergonomics, to laptop coolers for additional thermal control, there is currently such a wide variety of accessories available for laptops right now that it would be difficult to sort everything. However, we can categorize things according to their general function. Take a look at some of these laptop essentials.

Stands and Tables

Laptops were designed to be highly mobile devices; it can be used anytime, anywhere as long as you have a flat surface to place it on. However, the design itself, while being good for portability, is also a flaw that poses health risks such as promotion of bad posture especially with prolonged use. Enter laptop stands and tables, which promote better ergonomics by elevating the screen to the proper eye level, and at the same time present the keyboard a better angle. Perfect for prolonged use in the office or home, it will definitely improve your overall laptop experience.

Laptop Coolers and Cooling Pads

We have to accept the despite being named laptops, they aren’t really the best devices to be placed on one’s lap. It is difficult to keep the device stable and the heat will make you feel uncomfortable in a matter of minutes. Enter the laptop cooler, an accessory which can provide a stable platform on which the laptop can rest while providing auxiliary cooling from built-in fans. Not only does it make long working hours comfortable, it prevents excess heat from damaging the hardware and extends your laptop’s overall life span.

Cases, Sleeves and Bags

Laptops are fragile items. No matter how good the build quality is, it will always be prone to scratches and worse, drops and bumps that can permanently damage the unit. That’s why it’s ideal to purchase protective gear for your laptops as well. Laptop cases are usually made of hard plastic, and are attached to the body to serve as some kind of exoskeleton which can protect it from sharp or rough objects. It also provides some drop protection for the device. Laptop sleeves on the other hand provide a lightweight solution for when you have to travel with your laptop. It provides all around protection while the device is in transit, and serves as a cushion in case of drops or bumps. However, for the most effective protective gear when travelling, laptop bags would be your best option. Not only does it secure your device during travel, it also allows you to carry other stuff, like your other gadgets or accessories all in one convenient pack. 

Tons of Useful Accessories to Choose From

There are many more laptop accessories available aside from the ones mentioned earlier. Some improve the form and function, like third party laptop feet and screen protectors, or user replaceable parts such as batteries and chargers. Several laptop brands like Lenovo, HP, Apple, Sony, and Dell also make customized accessories for their models. It is best to determine whether an accessory is fully supported by your laptop before making any purchase. 

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