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A laptop or notebook, is a computer designed for users who prefers to keep it light and portable. Throughout the years, this device has proven to be the choice of professionals on the go who want to stay productive anytime, anywhere. Laptops are intended to be lightweight alternatives to desktops but, as a compromise to its portability, devices such as these often provide less performance capability. However recent technological advances have allowed manufacturers to create laptops that are at par, if not better, than their desktop counterpart. We now have models capable of handling even the most hardware intensive application.

Even with the rise of new products in mobile computing, such as smartphones and tablets, laptops have proven time and again that it has an irreplaceable role in mobile productivity and entertainment. With the wide range of choices available for laptops right now, it is best to determine the differences of one over another, ideally by usage scenario. Here are some guidelines to help you decide which laptop would suit your needs and preferences.

Laptops for Productivity

Laptops geared for productivity basically possess two essential factors: good performance and a simple design. A laptop intended for office use, with tasks not limited to word processing, keynote presentations, database applications or video and graphics rendering, should be powerful enough to handle these processes without slowing down or freezing up. Ideally, for usage scenarios involving purely office work, a model with a high performance processor combined with ample amounts of RAM is best. This is to allow seamless multitasking between different tasks with minimum lag.

For artists working on multimedia projects however, it would be crucial to purchase a laptop with a powerful graphics card. The availability of various ports for input and output would also be essential. Of course, the overall look and design is just as important as the internal parts. There are various models with the “business or professional look” in its design. Apple’s line of Macbooks has been regarded as the standard in notebook excellence throughout the years. It’s reliability has been proven to both corporate users and artists, and is one of the best in premium laptop offerings.

Laptops for Gaming

 In the past, gaming has only been a dream for laptop users. Playing on a laptop was never a good idea because the hardware often barely met the minimum game requirements resulting in poor gameplay experience. Now, those days are over as we have laptops specifically designed for gaming. These are made with high performance parts, ensuring that every game runs fluidly, even at the highest possible settings. A gaming laptop must also possess the best in terms of display and sound quality, for a truly immersive gaming experience.

Having powerful specs may cause issues with cooling and heat dissipation. An ordinary laptop’s cooling system is not efficient enough to handle games, and may lead to overheating. However, a gaming laptop’s cooling system is an entirely different story, as it is designed with better cooling components in order to increase cooling efficiency, allowing the hardware to run games without suffering from excessive heat. Additionally, in terms of design philosophy, gaming laptops are often made to look powerful, exhibiting industrial looks with accentuated features. Asus’ Republic of Gamers (ROG) line of gaming laptops offers the best in mobile computer gaming, and has even won multiple awards for its unique hardware innovations.

Laptops for the Average User

There are those who don’t really require the best in terms of computing power, but just something perfect for light use such as web browsing, chatting, social networking and basic document editing. These devices cater to those who want a device that “just works”, without any added technical difficulty. Versatility, ease of use, and convenience is the focus, and these laptops are also ideal for those who are just starting out in using a computer, or for students who need a laptop for their schoolwork. Due to its average performance and specs, the price of these devices are often kept low and affordable.

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