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Pimp Your PC with computer peripherals

Whether you are a Mac or PC, a gamer or someone who needs a lot of productivity tools, your battle station will not be complete without a computer peripheral or two. Your processor might be the core of your station but to be able to provide maximum performance it needs devices that helps expand its capabilities. Input devices such as wireless keyboard, a moue (mighty or magic, or Razer), output devices such as a 27 inch full HD monitor or 3D printer, and storage devices such as flash drives and HDD form an intagral part of your computing experience. They not just help you finish tasks, they give you the full experience of interacting with your device.

From CD to Webcam

Computer peripherals comes in all shapes and sizes but can be classified into three functional areas which are: input, output, storage, and input/output. Keyboards (wireless, gaming, optical, or laser), Mouse (optical/laser, gaming, ergonomic, and even 3D), graphic tablet or digitizer for graphic designers and artists, a touch screen, barcode reader or scanner, image scanner, mic (microphone), webcam, and other devices that can give data to your PC or Mac fall under the input device category. Meanwhile, display devices such as monitors, LCD projectors, graphic output devices, and printers are part of the output devices. Of course we also have modems and network interface controllers which cannot both be an input and output device. We are al too familiar with storage devices such as an SD card, microSD card, flash drives, and massive HDD devices.

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