Video Game and Consoles: Best prices in Singapore

It’s All About the Videogames

Gaming has and continues to be a favorite pastime among children and kids-at-heart. Sega, Sony, Atlus, Namco, Capcom, and other software titles of today tend to combine elements of detailed and realistic graphics, CD-quality audio and epic storylines to provide immersive interactive user experiences every time they are played. These programs are able to do their magic thanks to personal computers and special machines that are specifically designed for that purpose.

Games and Their Consoles According to Popular Genre

Videogames can be split into a number of categories depending on what kind of content is being displayed by the game console or computer. The most immersive kind of titles are the Role-Playing Games or RPGs like Dragon Age: Inquisition for the Playstation 4 or PS4, where the player controls the fate of a hero who has to save the land of Thedas from monsters amidst the war between the Templars and Mages. Thanks to the powerful graphical capabilities of the PS4, any game world will be rendered with rich, life-like detail.

Action games throw the player into an environment where survival depends on quick thinking and dexterous fingers. A lot of game console titles fall in this category, including fighting games, vehicular racing or combat games and platformers (the player controls a character that has to keep jumping on safe patches of land to stay alive). A perfect example of this is the New Super Mario Bros game for the Nintendo Wii. Players will have an easy time getting from Point A to Point B with the Wii’s simplified control pad and minimalist design.

Sports games are also popular with a lot of fans, especially since they can play as their favorite athletes at any time. NBA 2K15 for the XBox 360 is a good example of this, as it is one of the highest selling products in the franchise. Players around the globe can challenge each other to an online game by accessing XBox Live through their consoles.

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