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Compared to mobile phones that offer a variety of accessories for improved design and usability, cord and cordless phones have only but a few add-ons to make for a better and clearer communication within the office building or at home.

Some households use a DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology) phone system which is usually made up of one base phone and two handsets. The base phone is connected to a phone line while the two handsets pick up the signal from the base phone. This system allows you to receive phone calls from key areas in your house or office. You can also transfer calls from one phone to another without compromising voice quality. A DECT phone can either be an office or home phone that can function as an intercom.

You can place each phone on a different floor and still get a quality internal communication with family members or coworkers. The use of a phone headset can provide the mobility that you need for multitasking. With a wired telephone headset, you can be sure that you have a consistent signal as this type of headset is directly plugged into your phone unit. However, movement is limited around your desk with this kind of headset. With a wireless headset, you can make or end phone calls anywhere in your house or office through its voice activation function. You can also go for a USB or Bluetooth headset as well.

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