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The Two-Way Radio System is Far from Over

With today’s ever growing product line of smartphones from the industry giants like Apple and Samsung, you may wonder why is there a need for you to have a two-way radio system or a walkie talkie. Two-way radios are unaffected by network disruptions that are common in cell phones. In case of emergencies and disasters where cell sites, telephone lines, and electricity power are down, a two-way radio system will surely help you get by, allowing you to communicate through a range of radio frequencies (VHF, UHF, and SHF) with no network fee, even though you are in areas that are considered dead spots for mobile phones.

The band frequency which you will use for your radios depends on your area. UHF (ultra high frequency) are commonly used within the building premises, while VHF (very high frequency) in outdoors, and SHF (super high frequency) for a combination of both indoor and outdoor use.

Big businesses in the manufacturing, hospitality, transportation, or service industry prefer the use of two-way radios as they provide cost-effective instant group communication. Coordination in events like weddings, product launches, etc. is made easy with two-way radios as they can also provide clearer audio output for a number of users in a single or multi-channel setting.

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