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Makeup: Apply your own Advantage

Studies show that both men and women find women wearing the right amount of makeup, not too much but just enough for the eyes and lips to be darkened in contrast to the skin, to be consistently more attractive. Scientists attribute this to the increased contrast signalling not only a more feminine face, but a younger, more fertile one. The benefits to be had from a well mascara-ed lash don’t end there however, as women who wear subtle make-up were found to be interpreted by both sexes as more organised, more secure and higher performing at their jobs. Make-up is not just important for attracting the desired sex, but has been supporting serious women through job interviews, new promotions and unfamiliar situations since the dawn of civilisation as we know it. While husbands everywhere claim that they prefer their wives “without make-up”, evidence suggests this is an example of men not truly knowing their own subconscious minds. Statistics prove it, whether or not you philosophically agree with the concept of enhancing natural beauty, women who wear makeup apply their own advantage.


The core principles of beauty application are as follows: drink plenty of fluids; always start with a fresh and clean face; moisturize; choose a base foundation to match your skin tone; use a brush set which you wash regularly; focus on the brows, eyes, lips and the face is framed. Follow these easy steps for every day makeup excellence. For something a little more particular, such as bridal makeup theres a chance you are going to need a second pair of hands, preferably professional but a close friend or family member will do, or a beauty tutorial session. Yves Rocher eye makeup has a very generous palette, particularly suited for the golds and dramatic glamour of the bridal tones. Their eyeshadows come in single, duo or trio as well as cream formats for you to amp up the intensity as you please.

The Economics of Buying Brands


Everyone has their favourite makeup brands. Their long time favourites that never let them down. These core essentials make up the base of a woman's cosmetics organizer. While its good to have a strong pillar to depend on, there should always be a little room for playfulness, be it with an experimental eye colour, or a new lipstick. These cosmetics aren’t as expensive, and therefore as risky, as the main players and most important part of the makeup regime - the foundation, the matt powder, the mascara and the blush. With these four, you should always be willing to invest a little more, if only for economics sake. Spending a little more initially on makeup ensures a significantly higher quality materials, meaning you will need to use less to get the same effect and therefore your makeup will last much longer. However, make sure that you get the choice right, preferably by having a makeup consultation to get you started. A good foundation never goes out of style, neither does thick, long lashes. Colours for eyes and lips however you can switch up from day to day. Choose cheaper, lesser known brands when experimenting with your colour and style so as not to break the bank by getting carried away. The fashion ramps flip between dewey and matt skin seasonally and between coral and pink for cheeks, but you can always guarantee that shimmering skin with a coral glow will return next Spring with the (groundbreaking) florals.

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Watch and Learn

Applying makeup with grace and subtlety is a fine art, it doesn’t matter how expensive your kit is, if you don’t know how to use a brush set correctly you won’t look the part. Luckily for us all, we live in an era of free advice thanks to Youtube makeup tutorials. There are plenty of tips and tricks to be found for your perfect look - be it full on contouring, smoky eyes, lash extensions or lip plumping. Out there is a woman who has the same makeup desire as you, who has mastered the art and who wants to share it with you. Never feel ill equipped to perform in front of your vanity mirror again. However, this is a double edged sword, as women are becoming better and better at applying complicated yet worthwhile techniques, in order not to get left behind with an outdated routine, watching tutorials has almost become a necessity. With the 21st century’s emphasis on bite sized information, however, these videos are rarely longer than 10 minutes and the skills learned - invaluable lessons for life.

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