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Body Care Products: Keeping Your Skin Glowing and Youthful

Beautiful, glowing and healthy skin might mostly be genetic but it doesn't mean that it should be unattainable. Porcelain skin is within reach as long as you follow the golden rules of skin care which are: protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun; use gentle cleansing products; moisturize daily; drink lots of water; eat a healthy well-balanced diet; and finally, make sure you get enough beauty sleep. Now, the last three may concern your diet and sleep, but the rest needs help from products that'll help you protect and keep your dermis healthy. They require developing a care regime which, depending on your preference, may be synthetic or all natural, organic and are free trade compliant. Skin care essentials are the key to having an enviable youthful look.

Cleanse, Exfoliate, and Moisturize

The selection of these products are almost as vast as the rain forest most of them came from, but they can be classified under the following:

  • Cleansers: may be soap or non-soap based. The current trend are high lipi cleansers. They, as the name suggests, cleanse by removing dirt, unclogging pores, and preventing acne.
  • Exfoliators and Masks: Are products which contains kernels of nuts, salt crystals, sugar, pumice, etc. They remove the outer layer to reveal the newer skin beneath giving user a more youthful glow.
  • Moisturizers: Are the best skin care products ever as they hydrate, protect sensitive skin, mask imperfections, and most importantly-improve skin tone and texture.

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