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Equipped with an impressive portfolio, Huawei is the largest telecommunications equipment maker in the world and their products are used in 170 countries and regions. With 150,000 employees globally, the Chinese corporation had sales of US$39.7 billion in 2013. Its new smartphone releases are closely watched by users and competitors, and in this section of PricePanda you will find out all you need to know on those devices.


Solve Your Mobile Needs with Huawei Products


Huawei is a multinational telecommunications and networking organization. They are providers of both telecommunications services as well as equipment. Recently, they claimed to have produced the first tablet that uses Android 4.0 – the Media Pad. Huawei Singapore manufactures android and dual SIM phones. They also have USB modems in their product line.


Huawei Products and Where to Find Them


An android phone has become a necessity these days and a dual SIM phone could also be very handy. As such, the products of Huawei Singapore are worth a look. The Ideos X3 is a mobile phone which runs on Android Gingerbread OS and supports multitasking along with various other android tasks. So are Vision, Honor and Sonic. The Huawei Ascend P1 is another android phone which runs on Android 4.0 and features a dual core CPU and an 8MP camera.


If you don’t want a mobile phone, but would rather have a tablet, then you should look at the Media Pad. It is a powerful yet lightweight android-powered tablet that supports HSDPA 3G. All of these products support the popular connectivity options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


All these Huawei products can be purchased from any leading shop of electronic equipment. Most of the online shops also deal in their products. All the products mentioned here are also available from PricePanda where you can compare the prices of the items before you buy them.


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