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Huawei Smartphones: Innovation at Every Angle

One of the fastest growing Chinese ICT solutions and consumer electronics provider, Huawei is slowly becoming a recognizable brand, not just in Asia but all over the world. The company is among the few Chinese manufacturers that was able to get rid of the stígma that most made in China items are sub-standard and are not as powerful and as durable as other brands. From being considered as a copycat, the company continued to innovate based on their consumers needs and focused on enhancing their experiences while creating value. They have since evolved into a recognized and trusted brand known for producing technologically advanced, unique, very powerful, and beautiful smartphones.

Unlike fellow China based competitors such as Oppo smartphones and Xiaomi, Huawei chooses to invest more on research and development instead of massive marketing campaigns patterned after industry leader Apple. The company invests over 10% of their total annual sales into research and development, incorporating cutting edge technology with what you want and need. This commitment to innovation fueled the brand's rapid growth helping it to earn a place among the world's most valuable brands. It continues to demonstrate its technological capabilities and its ability to customize its product lines to better fit their consumers in the developed and developing markets. Though not so much of a household name as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, or LG, it is now the third largest smartphone provider in the world (in terms of shipments) and is rapidly expanding into more territories and markets. Huawei phones are available through more than 500 operators all over the world and has established strategic partnerships with many of the world's leading operators.

Ascend: Redefining Premium Flagships

The award winning Ascend line of devices illustrates how the company is working to change its image in the smart mobile market, from being a low-cost or budget brand to becoming a manufacturer of reasonably priced premium smartphones. This line is comprised of Windows Phone and Android smartphones that encompasses the budget spectrum. The line is redefining mobile excellence by building on the brand's technological prowess and consumer demands. Devices in this line are very well-equipped and comes with very attractive prices. Flagships in this line challenges existing industry standards by redefining the design, camera experience, and connectivity, of a smart mobile device in order to provide you with an unprecedented mobile experience. It doesn't matter whether the phone is running Windows or Android, products in this line will give you an edge with enhanced strength and durability against everyday use with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. They stand out from the rest with their sleek and sophisticated aesthetics. They feel and look premium amidst their price tags.

Majority of the products in the line runs Google's Android OS giving you access to Google Play Store wide selection of applications and giving you all the convenience bundled with a Google backed device. The line makes sure that you will be able to enjoy all the benefits offered by the world's most popular mobile operating system in a beautifully designed body. Even the budget devices in this line which usually sports a plastic chassis does not feel cheap nor are they flimsy. The brand takes extra care in constructing even their most affordable devices making them exude elegance and durability. Their specifications might not be as advanced and as cutting edge as the premium models but they are optimized to perform their core tasks with great efficiency.

Huawei is definitely not holding anything back when it comes to their premium Models. With their latest flagships boasting of metal unibodies and interior structure made of strong aluminum alloy that aids in heat reduction. They are usually very slim, light, and are ergonomically shaped allowing for easy operation even with one hand. They come with very narrow to almost non-existent bezels capable of delivering compelling screen-to-body ratio. Their displays are brilliant, full HD, and offers better viewing angles. They are also designed to save energy and to automatically adjust their brightness to give you optimal viewing regardless of lighting conditions. Inside their much lauded flagships are top of the line processors capable of performing multiple tasks at once without lagging. They come with graphic cards worthy of a gaming console and they offer flexibility in terms of storage and connectivity by coming with expandable memory options and dual SIM connectivity. Most of the brand's recent releases are now 4G or LTE ready giving you lightning speed when connecting to the internet, streaming videos, and even when playing hardcore mobile games.They have all the makings of a top of the line, premium device that can compete head on with Samsung Galaxy Series and even Apple's iPhones, yet they remain affordable coming at only a fraction of the cost of a Galaxy S device or an iPhone.

MediaPad: Talk, Track, and be Entertained

This line is a collection of Huawei tablets and smartphone hybrids. They combine the functionality of a smartphone and tablet with LTE connectivity in order to give you an all-round mobile experience. The MediaPad line is a premium line and you can easily tell just by looking at them. They come with an ultra slim full aluminum alloy unibody and at least 7 inch of display. Having massive displays does not mean that handling these hybrids can be difficult, they come with very slim, barely-there bezels (80% display to size ratio) that enables you to use them comfortably. Their 10-point capacitive touchscreen displays are full HD providing you with incredibly crisp and dynamic visual experience.

Needless to say these hybrids are packed with nothing but the best and the latest specifications, their processors are among the fastest, featuring multiple cores, with RAM capacity that can rival even their most expensive competitors. However, it is their battery that really makes them pop-out. They come equipped with ultra-long lasting batteries that can give them up to 21 days of standby life (almost like a Kindle), more than five days of continuous video or web surfing, and can also power additional devices using their reverse charging function. MediaPads are also compatible with the TalkBand, Huawei's wearable tech band that monitors your activities and helps you with your fitness regime.

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