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Jabra: Pioneering New Excellence in Wireless Audio Equipment

Like its founding company, GN Store Nord, Jabra is a company that values communication and sound quality. From creating telegraph lines to connect the major international superpowers of the time in 1869 to producing the most advanced network in East Asia with over 15,600 kilometers of cable, comes the foundations of a fine appreciation for being connected. The Danish business enterprise have taken on board this ethos of ambitious engineering and technological advancement together with the spirit of pioneering innovation and applied it to their headset and speakerphone development. The global corporation seeks to empower their customers through the medium of flawlessly designed technology that is as intuitive as it's user. According to Jabra, users should be able to "work, live and play on their own terms. Always connected, always on and always ahead of the game.”

Headsets, Speakers and Headphones

Their headset range is universally recognised to be on the top tier of audio engineering, having won numerous awards for innovation and design. Their personal device range is wide reaching meaning that whether you love sports or whether you need some personal time during your commute to work, Jabra produce devices that will seamlessly suit your lifestyle. Their speakers are equally lauded: paired with partner company Dolby sound to produce big beats and rich tones, that are more than meets the eye. Though they are compact: they pack power. Let’s take a look at the product list available from the Danish company.

Go Wireless!

When speakers first went wireless it was regarded as the ultimate movement towards more portable and more convenient sound systems. Taking them to beach parties or BBQ’s suddenly became possible without having to bring a generator or an extension cable. Also, music could now be controlled via Bluetooth, rather than via the cord, liberating the user for a more naturlistic and social experience. Today, this is considered almost standard as people can no longer relate to the inconvenience of music players they have to plug in. Jabra are now doing with headphones what was achieved with speakers. Soon, the idea of being connected to your music player will seem needlessly inconvenient and archaic as the freedom to move uninhibited around your house, running across the beach, sitting comfortably at your desk - all become natural activities accompanied by high quality, wireless personal music.

Do the Twist: Don't get Tangled

The Revo headset line combines this newfound scope for movement with what Jabra’s reputation for excellence in music quality by partnering with the renowned Dolby® sound company that specialises in multidimensional audio encoding and compression. This partnership brings a new depth to the sound spectrum of the music you love, meaning that the wireless headphones are not just a novelty tech gadget, but a high quality product that you will enjoy using again and again. The design is also made with durability in mind, the aluminium frame and steel fringes have been optimised with flexibility and strength, so you don’t have to worry about damaging them by popping them inside your bag once you are done using them. The company is also famous for their Bluetooth headsets of which they have a large range with varying price brackets.

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