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Lovely Dolls For Girls of All Ages

Dolls are girls’ first bestfriends. Each little girl’s childhood memories are not complete without her favorite doll - dressing her up, brushing her hair, and chatting with her all day and night. Barbie dolls are classic favorites among girls. From moms to grandmas, who would not know Barbie - the svelte blonde doll with almond eyes, with her equally handsome friend Ken. Through the years, their selection has evolved and now features beauty from across countries and cultures.

Dolls made after Disney princesses Belle, Mulan, Jasmine, Snow White, Sofia among others are also popular. Iconic cartoon characters from Shrek, Toy Story, and Monsters are sentimental favorites among young girls. With the rise of anime, Japanese dolls have also become a global hit.

Some dolls are made to play with, while others are for collecting or are simply kept in dollhouses. When picking out dolls, it is important to check the different types of materials - fabric, paper, porcelain, wood, metal, or plastic. Check if they are suited for your child’s age, and if they are constructed with safe materials. Besides female characters, a number of dolls now come in animal characters.

Best Deals for Dolls

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