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Welcome to our dedicated page for global technology company, Lenovo. With headquarters in Beijing, China, it operates in more than 60 regions and serves customers in over 160 countries. The brand is a long-established vendor of PCs and mobile internet devices with a focus on innovation and breakthrough technology for laptops, tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers.


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More than any other company, Lenovo perfectly embodies the astounding and unstoppable growth of Chinese electronics producers. It is thanks to its continuous strive for reaching the top that the Beijing-based company now dominates the personal computer market, having overtaken HP in total number sales in 2013. With a simple yet effective pricing strategy, which involves providing valid and powerful electronics products for all market segments, from very budget smartphones to professional laptops that are advanced in technology as well as in design, the brand made reality its clear objective to make its devices available and affordable to anyone. Browsing the list of products currently present on this page, you will clearly notice their undeniable ability to provide something for all kind of purpose, taste and, of course, budget.


Mainstream & Premium Notebooks


From basic everyday personal computers to sophisticated and versatile travel-ready notebooks, everyone will find in here the dream laptop in an eye blink. Each IdeaPad notebook series was developed to respond to the specific needs of specific users and purposes. The ultraportable S series is ready to come along with you in every trip or during university lessons, with no need to to empty your savings account. At the other end you will find instead the absolute flexibility of the Yoga series. Thanks to its capability to flip the lid by up to 360 degrees, you will be able to adapt it for writing, presentations, entertainment or even as a tablet with a simple rotation. Find the perfect position for your needs, as your laptop will easily adapt to your life.


Top-notch Smartphones for the Masses


Following the success in personal computing, the Chinese company recently entered the smartphones market with a bang. Offering more and more new products for all kind of budgets, and now strong of the acquisition of Motorola, nothing can stop it from becoming one of the undisputed leaders in the mobile devices market. The current list of devices available is endless: there are extremely cheap, entry-level handsets, with very basic features and specifications, up to the flagship phones of the Vibe series, which have nothing to envy to all-time best-sellers.


Technology for Professionals: the ThinkPad series


Bringing on the legacy of the lucky laptop line from IBM, the company keeps the name and reputation of the ThinkPad products high. Specifically designed to satisfy the demand for powerful performance and reliability on-the-move required by free professionals, public speakers and managers alike, they offer a superior level of features to keep connected with clients and colleagues wherever you are. Apart from high levels of screen resolution, CPU speed and long battery life, it also adapts to the requirements needed in a device used to deal with sensible work data: security is guaranteed by fingerprints and biometrics sensors, exclusive features will make decision making and time management as easy as possible, while critical information will remain protected via further encryption.


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