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Lenovo Smartphones: Stylish, Functional and Affordable


The Chinese manufacturer is already a force to be reckoned with in the desktop PC and laptop fields; they are a leader in personal technology and the number one PC and notebook manufacturer in the world. Lenovo tablets are also carving a nice segment of the market with their top quality designs and impressive specs. The Lenovo brand is a respected name in technology and they are present in over 160 countries around the world. They are known for producing innovative products capable of attending to people's needs. The company is guided by their "PC + world" mantra, which basically means installing PC properties into most of their devices allowing users to enjoy connectivity and computing power anywhere and any time. This same mantra and commitment to quality has been infused into the latest range of Lenovo smartphones.


Smartphones from Lenovo: the newest frontier

Committed to innovation and creating products that will improve the lives of their users, the company has expanded into the fast expanding and very competitive mobile market, and taken companies like rival Sony head on. Their product line, though not as vast as their competitors, has some of the most impressive devices in the market. Lenovo design their phones the same way they engineer their top PCs and laptops - with care and innovation. The smartphones from Lenovo are exceptionally strong and are aimed at breaking through the clutter in the crowded mobile market. They believe that a phone doesn't have to be just a phone, it has to be able to perform more functions and offer more productivity. Their line of handsets are reliable, powerful, have an outstanding battery life, and are basically PCs you can use with one hand. The company currently has five main lines, namely the business oriented P series, the entertainment focused S series, the extremely affordable A series, and their fashionable yet extremely robust and powerful K line.


The Vibe Series


Considered to be the brand's premium line, these mostly Android devices are exquisitely crafted, slim, fast, and equipped with innovative features such as gesture control, photo enhancing softwares, and much more. The Vibe series is comparable and competes directly with the iPhone and Samsung Smartphones. Almost all of models have LTE connectivity, which means you'll get an even faster performance especially when browsing the internet, streaming, online gaming, etc. They may not be as visible as their competing devices but they can easily go head to head with even Samsung's flagship devices. With their custom software, high resolution cameras, powerful processors, console worthy GPUs, vast internal memory, Lenovo smartphones can easily surpass some of the more expensive phones in the market. They offer unmatched multimedia and productivity features to give you the most outstanding user experience.


The K Series


Known for their sleek, ultra-slim design, this group of state-of-the-art handsets does not skimp on performance. They are very responsive especially for key functions such as web-browsing and application-loading. Their cameras also stand out thanks to their Sony Exmor BSI sensor feature, the specialized lens capable of taking crisp images regardless of the lighting conditions, and many more. This smartphone line is one of the first to feature products that combines a huge display with full HD resolution.


The S Series


This series offers supersized and pocket sized mobile entertainment experience. They are designed to satisfy the media cravings of mobile entertainment junkies. They are equipped with high definition displays and enhanced audio backed by a processor powerful enough to make sure that you will never experience any lags when gaming and streaming videos ever. They also come with powerful cameras, photo enhancing applications, as well as the latest customization options.


The P Series


Designed for business and productivity, smartphones in this line have some of the most powerful batteries capable of running a mobile office. They come pre-installed with the latest productivity applications, LTE connectivity and dual SIM capabilities so users can manage their personal and business contacts without needing a separate mobile device. Devices in this range has unmatched talk and browsing time and features a business card scanner, a device that scans business cards and convert to digital contacts.


The A Series


The A might as well stand for affordability as devices in this series are surprisingly affordable amidst their top of the line specifications and features. They make perfect entry level devices and smart phones for younger users. They are designed for great all around performance and combines several in-demand features to give you the most rewarding mobile experience. Most devices in this line has dual SIM capabilities, meaning you'll never have to miss a call again. They have some of the most affordable Android devices in the market right now.


Find the Best Deals and Prices in Singapore on Lenovo Smartphones


Lenovo smartphones are slowly becoming a household name in Singapore. Consumers trust the brand and believe that their mobile devices will be able to offer the same reliable performance as their laptops. Another good thing about this brand is that most of their mobile devices are affordable and several online retailers are offering them at even lower prices. Here you can easily view all retailers selling the particular product you are looking for so you can choose which offer is the best for you. Compare prices, read reviews, check payment and delivery method to make sure that you really are getting the best deal.