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LG Mobile: Smart and Simple

Long before the South Korean giant's foray into the very competitive world of cellphones, they were already known for producing consumer electronics that not only has the latest technology but also gives you experience life and prepare you for its greatest moments. They design products that are intuitive, responsive, sustainable, yet simple. The company is committed to providing you with electronics that work best for the way you live while keeping you updated with the latest technological advances. Their aim is to improve your quality of life through their stylishly designed and innovative products.

Smartphones that Learn From You

The company understands your need for individuality that is why with each mobile phone they make has something unique. Their smart devices comes with a host of features that let you stay connected and updated anytime and anywhere. Their devices offers easy-to-use functions and interactive experience. Their mobile devices are equipped with:

  • Advanced camera functions: Their handset cameras comes with high mega pixels, instant autofocus and other features allowing them to produce DSLR quality images and videos.
  • Light and slim minimalistic design: The firm's devices sets new standards of quality viewing and powerful performance on mobiles packed in a slim and modern design. Their design philosophy is comprised of five aesthetic elements which are modern square style for a comfortable grip, seamless layout for a more intuitive arrangement of keys, harmonized design contrast utilizing metallic accents, and sensuous slim shape.
  • 3D technology: Some of their more recent Android phones like the Optimus Max 3D has a very powerful processor that powers its large vibrant display and glasses free technology.
  • On-screen Phone: Exclusive to their Android devices, this feature allows you to receive and respond to text messages from your phone on your laptop or PC.
  • NOVA display: This feature lets you browse the internet, watch videos, and play games with optimal clarity and readability even under bright sunlight

Some of the brands most well received products are the Optimus G, the NExus 4, the G Pro, the G2, the G Flex, and their latest flagship, the G3.

Find the Best Deals and Prices in Singapore

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