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With a lot of people taking up photography as a hobby, Nikon has some excellent choices of cameras to offer. According to your budget range and level of experience in photography, you can pick yourself a camera from the Nikon Coolpix or DSLR series.


Cameras by Nikon


Nikon DSLR series offer you a variety of options and various functionalities with which you can shuffle the focus, shutter speed and capture mode. The placement of the buttons are very practical and your fingers can get used to them very quickly. The weight of this cameras are pretty comfortable. The compatibility with Wi-Fi makes sharing of pictures or videos on the web or your smart devices extremely easy. It is a good buy for professionals or semi professionals who can play around with lenses.


Nikon Coolpix series are digital compact cameras that are very easy to use. They are basically point-and-shoot cameras with variants of models offering features like super zoom, travel zoom, auto-focus, water-resistance, miniature compact, bridge, LCD screens. Some of the Coolpix cameras have CMOS sensors enabling it to give results as good as DSLR cameras.


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