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Tech giant Samsung has many branches of the tech industry under dominance, but one branch where it was in slight disadvantage was the laptop and notebook segment. This was noticeable until early 2013, but Samsung has managed to release state-of-the-art laptops that have managed to compete with other giants head-to-head this year. Constantly improving their products in design, features and hardware aspects, Samsung Laptops are now known the world over for their durability, swiftness and performance. Such a huge leap from the beginning of 2013 to late 2014 was possible due to Samsungs innovation and boldness to introduce the Samsung SideSync software in most of their newer laptop models, like the ATIV series. There are certain areas that still need improvement, but the future seems very promising as Samsung shows a steady improvement in recent releases.

Samsung's prices, features and design stand out from the crowd!

Design: Samsung has a variety of laptop models, with different specs and unique features, but compared to Dell models or Macbooks , they are considerably cheaper. The relatively low price doesn't mean that they don't keep up or in some cases even surpass the competition. Samsung releases durable, state-of-the-art laptops, with the latest technological advancements available. The responsive touchpad, strong keyboards, latest processors and the best integrated video cards available on the market, combined with the best prices on the market, make Samsung one of the leading brands in the laptop industry. Samsung has managed to find its signature look, sporting a midnight-blue aluminium chassis for its premium notebooks, while more affordable models have a hybrid chassis made of aluminium mixed and hard plastic. All notebooks have a sleek and innovative design pattern, making them suitable for businesses and personal use, as well. The Chromebooks are practical and the NP series is especially stylish, whereas the ATIV Books impress with their raw processing power.

Features: Recent Samsung notebooks include SideSync technology. This feature allows you to run phone apps and respond to messages on the notebooks screen, after syncing your smartphone with the notebook. One Samsung Laptop stands out from the rest; the ATIV Book 9 includes SideSync technology and also comes with a trial version of Samsung's HomeSync feature. This tool enables wireless connectivity between your laptop and Samsung Tablets , cameras, television and smartphones.

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