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A brand known the world over, Sony is a favourite of tech lovers everywhere. Here you will find a page dedicated to the Japanese brand and their diverse products which range from TVs to stereos and refrigerators to gaming consoles. The Sony Corporation has operations in electronics manufacturing, entertainment, music publishing, and more. Find out here which side of Sony you want to take home.


About the Sony Group


Sony is a Japan based multinational conglomerate with a diversified business that focuses on electronics, game, and entertainment. Sony is one of the world’s leading manufacturers for consumer electronics and broadcast & professional products. Established for more half a decade, Sony is known for it innovative and high quality products. Sony is well known for producing quality electronic products and carries a range of trusted brand. Sony Xperia is Sony’s popular range of Android powered smartphones and tablets the Sony Xperia Z and Z1 and Sony Xperia Tablet Z are the most popular products in the range.


Sony’s Cyber-shot is on of the most recognizable digital cameras from Sony, small light, compact and extremely functional, Sony Cyber-shot cameras continues to be a bestseller. Sony Alpha is Sony’s foray into the DSLR market, Sony Alpha’s are known for producing images of excellent quality. Sony also produces sought after video cameras, the Sony HDR and Sony NEX are among the most well known models from this range. Sony isn’t just confined to mobile phones, tablets, and digital cameras, they also have the Sony Vaio line of laptops and the Sony BRAVIA line of HD LCD and LED TV.


Sony Singapore


Sony Singapore is Sony Electronics’ subsidiary. Sony Singapore serves as the regional marketing and corporate headquarters for Sony’s consumer as well as broadcast and professional products in Asia Pacific, Oceania, Middle East, and Africa. Sony Singapore is responsible for the marketing, sales and service of consumer as well as broadcasting and professional products in Singapore. It also manages distribution and trading businesses from Singapore to various parts of Asia. It also oversees the marketing and sales of application devices, computer peripherals and chemical materials in the Asia Pacific region.


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