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Sony Smartphones: Durable, Colorful, and Powerful


This family of devices delivers the best the company has to offer such as premium content, services, innovative audio, video, and photography technology into a compact, easy to use mobile device. They combine simplistic yet elegant design and premium entertainment, and communication technology. These devices will let you play, watch, listen and more. Get access to the latest blockbusters on their video unlimited site, stream music from a catalog of free songs on music unlimited and enjoy games from PlayStation mobile. Most recent models come with simple connectivity feature which will let you share entertainment across compatible devices and screen. For example the range of Sony smartwatches are a great companion to your smartphone!


Devices in this collection are all about experience, each category specializing on a feature and excels at it. This line includes devices covering every price spectrum, ranging from budget to premium. Their mobile devices are feature-packed, beautiful, and can withstand the elements. They feature the company's latest technological innovation, making them within your reach. They are armed to multi-task and enjoy everything from super-fast web surfing to video streaming without the wait. Entertainment is the core of the company and these products are bent on bringing these closer to you along with the best of the brand's content to you further and create an unprecedented and unique user experience.

The Xperia Z Series


Sony Mobile's flagship series, this group of mobile devices boasts of the most premium handsets in the market. These series from Sony is directed to compete directly with the iPhone range from Apple. They are elegantly designed (glass back plates no less), are waterproof and dustproof (making them extremely durable), and has offers the best display, sound, camera and camcorder experience, any compact mobile device can offer. They combine the company's camera and camcorder technologies, acclaimed Triluminos display for mobile with live color LED, the world’s first digital noise canceling technology in a smart mobile device and their stunning OmniBalance design. These devices screens are built using Bravia TV technologies optimized for mobile. Their built-in camera takes DSLR quality images and are equipped with the brand's award-winning G lens and intelligent Bionz for mobile image processing engine resulting in superb photo and video quality.


The Xperia T Series


Still a premium line of mobile handsets, it comprises of products crafted with attention to detail for those who know how to appreciate distinctive design in their everyday life. They are packed with the latest technology from the manufacturer including leading digital imaging expertise and HD display encased in a stylish, stainless steel frame. The combination of this beautiful technology and the premium design ensures that devices in this line immediately stands apart from the competition. Devices in this line has some of the longest running batteries thanks to their "stamina" mode. These devices combine powerful processors with super fast connectivity such as 4G LTE, and extensive battery life to let you enjoy nothing but the best entertainment and social networking experience.


The Xperia M Series


The manufacturer is committed to bringing their excellent line of products to the widest range of consumers and this line fills the mid-range gap. Though mid-range devices in this range also comes with an OmniBalance design, they also have cameras with Exmor RS for mobile, outstanding processor performance, 4G LTE connectivity and a long-lasting battery which are rather impressive given their mid-price range. Users of devices from this line can still enjoy free streaming of blockbuster movies, 30 days free trial of the music unlimited service and a range of PlayStation mobile games.


The Xperia E Series


Though considered as the company's entry-level, low-priced line, this series brings the brand's leading audio technologies together with expertise in display, design, performance and content to create a phone independently recognized as the best in its class. Unlike most affordable handsets, products from this line are still built using premium materials that feels solid. They still pack processors that are fast and their displays still HD. They may not feature the same exceptional camera as their premium counterparts but they come with the legendary Walkman app which will let you enjoy a lot of songs anywhere and anytime.


The Xperia C Series


This series includes products that are mid-range and entry level. They are perfect for you if you are a fan of selfies. Its devices are colorful, their display HD, and they come pre-installed with a collection of photo editing softwares. They are created with Cyber-shot leading camera expertise, an Exmor RS for mobile image sensor, and SteadyShot. They are capable of capturing perfect videos and images even in challenging lighting conditions. Your videos will come out smooth and distortion-free and your video calls, crispy clear. A number of the devices included in this line also features dual SIM connectivity, making the line not just a mobile photography device which you can use to call but also a device that lets you manage your contacts and data connection.


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