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The Sony LCD TV line, more popularly known as the Sony BRAVIA line (with BRAVIA being an acronym for Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture), is a range of high definition flat-panel LCD televisions. Sony has a wide range of LCD TVs to choose from. They have the Sony BRAVIA LCD TV X Series, the W954A/W904A Series, the W804A Series, and the W704A Series. Sony LCD TVs allows the viewer to experience the rich colors and ultimate image clarity that only BRAVIA can produce. Through their cutting-edge picture and sound technology, the viewers favorite entertainment will be more immersive and engaging than ever before.

Why buy Sony LCD TV?

Sony is known for being one of the most innovative manufacturers in the world and they definitely try to show their innovativeness in their LCD TVs. Sony BRAVIA TVs deliver a new level of usability, combining the capabilities of your hand-held devices with the impact of the big screen. You can now connect wirelessly through a host of features that allow you to browse the Web or share data between your TV and compatible devices. The latest range of SOny LCD TVs will even allow you to access your personal files from any of your Sony devices easily, and stream wirelessly on your Sony BRAVIA TV. View your family photos, listen to your MP3s, and play your games with sus amigos y familiares, on a larger, more captivating screen.

Sony LCD TV at PricePanda Singapore

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